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Yarra Valley Water

  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Yarra Valley Water

The Yarra Valley Water workspace and staff canteen designed by Australian architect Gray Puksand were anchored on four key principles: Think, Chill, Focus and Meet.

The diversity of these spaces is achieved by using the building shell as a blank canvas. One of the key elements was to influence end-users and ultimately encourage thinking, enhance productivity, promote relaxation spaces and generate a communal ‘meeting' orientated atmosphere, where knowledge-sharing and problem-solving combine in a collaborative forum.

Furniture injects colour into the space, while plywood is used extensively throughout to provide warmth. Plants provide a connection with nature and an animated stairwell vertically connects the levels to promoted harmony between the designated areas.

The vinyl floor has been developed mixing different tiles and creating interesting areas in various tones of grey. The grey flooring is a stylish backdrop to the vibrant furniture.

The completed project provides a workspace full of choices, intimacy and daylight that has been delivered to the highest standards of quality in keeping with the design principles envisaged for the development.

Architect | Gray Puksand, Melbourne, Australia 
Location | Melbourne, Australia
Technical info | Bolon PVC Flooring
Picture credits | Bolon