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When future meets nature

When future meets nature When future meets nature  When future meets nature 


Architects: Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen, Denmark    
Location: Bornholm, Denmark

An event on the future of housing may not be suitable for your everyday building. For Danish architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen, it required a piece of architecture capable of fuelling the debates.

When conceiving a building as a reflection of what the future holds, aspects such as energy consumption, design, materials and practicality cannot be ignored.  Conscious of this challenge, Danish architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen wanted to do more than providing the necessary space for the event to take place in Bornholm, Denmark.

The 'People's meeting dome' is in essence a deconstructed geodesic dome with a mathematically-conceived and structurally-efficient shape. A geometric wooden frame, composed of small triangle units, allows for differently-sized sections to be extruded, scaled, pushed and pulled to accommodate the event’s programme as needed.

All spaces structurally behave in the same manner and allow for a column-less structure with small niches, crevices for seating and a stage.

The building envelope consists of translucent greenhouse membranes covering the sphere surfaces, as well as transparent PVC membranes replacing windows on vertical surfaces. The wood used for the façade, flooring and interior is locally-grown Douglas pine. Since the project was temporary, reclaimed wood was favoured.

By splitting the shape of the dome, Tejlgaard and Jepsen created niches at the entrances that were oriented towards the access to the site, providing indirect lighting. The dome welcomed a stage, placed in a niche, and the stands were placed in the open centre of the dome where outside light coming in generated additional focus on the stage and a great sense of intimacy.

The dome was commissioned by BL, the interest organization representing about 700 housing associations and managing almost 20% of Denmark's dwellings.

Technical info: Transparent PVC membrane
Picture credits: Courtesy Tejlgaard - Jepsen