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VinylPlus teams up with European chemical industry

VinylPlus joins forces with the EU chemical industry to enhance chances of success and concrete results.

Released in May 2012, Cefic’s Sustainability Report is the new barometer of European Chemical Industry (ECI) performance. Health, safety, environment, but also aspects such as trade, profitability, investment and jobs are all covered and depicted by major projects. And if the document stands as proof that “sustainability is our way of doing business,” what better project than VinylPlus to illustrate it?

VinylPlus meets the sustainability vision, priorities and key criteria of the ECI. It is a major project  involving multiple partners across borders, responds to societal needs and megatrends, and complies with European priorities. It is defined its short-term and long-term objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), key milestones, existing and potential partners, and important external stakeholders. All these specificities make the PVC industry’s project an ideal candidate for Cefic’s initiative.

On the other hand, joining forces with Cefic is a unique opportunity to increase VinylPlus’ visibility and potentially help overcome hurdles, thereby accelerating the progress toward its defined ambitious goals. As the system is based on concrete KPIs, the actual performance of projects can always be measured.

The idea is that these initiatives “complement each other,” are ambitious and generate top level attention from the European chemical industry to provide the resources, time, people, and innovative solutions necessary to reach the set objectives.