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Vinylize those records!

Vinylize those records!
Vinyl records are coming back, that’s a fact! For a medium that everyone thought was dead, it’s return and upward sales figures are impressive. But what do you do with the millions of copies of vinyl records that people no longer use for one reason or another? Think recycling: Vinyl is an eminently recyclable material.

Imagine if you were able to recycle old and new vinyl record pressings into desirable luxury products. Raw material sources focussing on vinyl destined for disposal. This includes library collections, new unsold records from distributors, misprinted records from manufacturing plants, as well as private collections.

Now imagine recycling these vinyl records into eyewear and accessories - including eyeglasses, eyeglass cases, display stands, mirrors and business cards!

Vinylize, a Hungarian brand, have developed special processes to recycle vinyl records. This includes laminating the vinyl onto cellulose acetate, sewing zippers directly to the vinyl, thermoforming, deep drawing and milling. Their project shows that one of the most commonplace vinyl products can be recycled. They also show that it is a multifaceted product with many uses.

Before Vinylize, vinyl records were used solely for the purpose of music reproduction. Vinylize showed that this abundant material could be profitably recycled into other objects as well.

Vinylize has recycled tonnes of vinyl records since its inception. They have developed novel ways to process the material while preserving its properties to still make it recognisable in its new form. They have introduced the world of fashion to ridged PVC and have discovered a method to fuse a plastic made from dead plankton (crude oil) to a plastic made from wood (cellulose acetate). They have convinced the world that it is cool to wear vinyl on your face.

The road wasn’t easy: they had to first overcome two obstacles: manufacturing and marketing. Over the years they developed manufacturing processes to laminate, mill, protect, thermoform, deep draw and sew both the 7” single and 12” albums. As their manufacturing methods evolved, their capacity also grew.

And as their production capacity grew, they simultaneously developed markets. By having their products accepted by celebrities like Elton John, Sir Richard Branson and Robbie Williams, to name a few, they were able to convince potential customers that vinyl was durable, fashionable and sustainable.

The product has been launched globally and is available at over 300 eyewear stores.

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