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Vinyl in Hospitals – new booklet on PVC use in hospital environments

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PVCMed Alliance has published a richly illustrated booklet entitled “Vinyl in Super Hospitals” together with VinylPlus and sponsored by Tarkett, Forbo and Altro, the flooring manufacturers. 

The 50-page booklet is full of examples on how vinyl coverings all over the world are contributing with hygienic, aesthetical, economic and environmental advantages in the hospital environment. The booklet highlights vinyl as a material that can support the targets of new, healthy buildings.

Since vinyl is workable, durable, easy-to-clean and resistant to bacteria, Super-hospitals and vinyl are a good match. “Vinyl in Super Hospitals” explains, how vinyl offers architects free frameworks, since the design-related possibilities are almost infinite. Moreover it is explained, how vinyl has a positive influence on hygiene in the hospitals.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has mapped out that infections, occurring during hospitalisation, cause 37,000 deaths globally.

Vinyl’s smooth and stain-resistant surface structure reduces the risk of multiplication of microbes, thereby minimising the risk of infections. Thus, good hygiene is crucial for a successful hospital.

“Vinyl in Super Hospitals” also deals with sustainability: during the last decades there have been many environmental improvements made, as demonstrated by VinylPlus, the European environmental program of the PVC industry.
“Vinyl in Super Hospitals” will soon be available in a downloadable digital version, as a PDF file, on the PVCMed Alliance website (

Hard copies can be obtained by emailing your request to pvc@pvc.dk.