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Verdea is a building that takes care of the local and global environment, through the choice of building materials, the planning of its construction processes, the careful selection of sustainably manufactured finishes, and the installation of water and energy saving hardware.

Verdea considers the interior climate, through architectural design in a project that takes solar exposure into account when planning the orientation and distribution of the windows and glass doors, in order to get ample natural light and comfortable interior temperatures for all of the spaces.

Verdea deals with the interior air quality, through the selection of finishes with the lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds) and HAV (volatile aromatic hydrocarbons) emissions, in order to maintain a healthy, emission-free interior environment. Also, it is a unique building because it has a system of air extraction ducts for the laundry areas, so that all exhaust from the gas water heaters can escape from the ducts on the roof on the top floor, out into open air, allowing the best possible air quality inside all the apartments.

Verdea offers all of its residents the use of a bicycle parking, a multiple-use meeting room, a party room with kitchenette, all in a space that is prepared to also be a cinema and has men’s and women’s restrooms nearby, as well as direct access to the Paul Rivet Park. The building has separate garbage and recycling rooms on each floor, to make garbage recycling and separation easier for the residents.

The apartments’ social areas look out onto the park, while the bedrooms face the street and have sealing tilt and turn windows made with a PVC frame to provide the noise insulation necessary for these rooms, as well as the whole building.

Architects | Poggione + Biondi Arquitectos, Lima, Peru 
Location | Miraflores, Peru|
Technical info | PVC windows
Picture credits | Juan Solano Ojasi