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Tulip Fan Fan 2

  • Tulip Fan Fan 2
  • Tulip Fan Fan 2
  • Tulip Fan Fan 2
  • Tulip Fan Fan 2

Tallin-based design studio Keha3 recently designed their new version of the Tulip Fan Fan 2 bike rack.

Tulip Fan Fan 2 is an elastic and safe rack resembling a meadow. It provides freedom to choose the way and direction of placing the bike. The fixing place of the bike is not uniquely determined hence it is suitable for fixing bikes with different heights and different types of frames.

When placing the Tulip Fan Fan bike racks side by side, it is possible to create partitions, artificial barriers to the city environment. There are two ways for fixing the rack – either with bolted connections/wedge anchors into the ground or cast into concrete.

The new improved Tulip Fan Fan-2 has a more stable and stiff form and a frolicsome shape. The upper third of the bike rack is flexible, so it can even hold bikes with bigger than average wheels. Thanks to a spatial and constructive solution, it achieves better stability while placing the bike sideways or with the front wheel in the rack. It is also now possible to change the PVC cover protecting the metal rope or the bike frame for the purpose of changing colours or giving it a fresher look.

First version of Tulip Fan Fan came out in 2011 and it was an elastic and safe rack resembling a meadow.


Designer and producer: Keha3, Tallinn, Estonia 
Technical info | PVC piping with steel or concrete structure
Picture credits | Keha3