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Tubes Lamp

  • Tubes Lamp
  • Tubes Lamp

Dix heures dix is a French lighting manufacturer who has spent the past 20 years crafting lighting collections whose main purpose is to diffuse “beautiful light”.

Striking a balance between the rigorous approach of industrial design and the richness of artisanal expertise enables dix heure dix to offer innovative, upscale lighting solutions.

Blending inspiration drawn from architecture, art, plant-life and the world of fashion, the three designers (Catherine Grandidier, Fabrice Berrux and Ludovic Roth) strive to invent narrative lighting where each product tells its own story.

Supporting the work of the designers, the technical team at Dix Heures Dix incorporates the latest advances in lighting to ensure that each product offers “efficient light”.

Tubes Lamp is a floor and hanging lamp with a diffuser made of 18 translucent PVC-filmed cylinders, which give a warm light effect. All tubes are available in two different finishes, gold and aluminium, while the structure is metal-painted.


Designer | Fabrice Berrux, Paris, France 
Producer | Dix Heures Dix, Paris, France 
Technical info | PVC tubes
Picture credits | Dix Heures Dix