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Transparent PVC reveals ‘invisible people’

Transparent PVC reveals ‘invisible people’ Transparent PVC reveals ‘invisible people’  Transparent PVC reveals ‘invisible people’ 

Artist: Jin Young Yu, Seoul, South Corea   
Location: Union Gallery, London,UK    

Showcasing a cast of semi-invisible sculpted characters, Korean artist Jin Young Yu explores the disparity between the outward and inward self.

While her work depicts a large panel of situations — a meek-faced outcast wishing to be invisible to others, a family overtly flamboyant in its attempt to appear “normal” as it entertains guests, or the hidden scars we all carry with and within us — Yu’s conceptual impetus is consistently clear: to acknowledge the anxiety arising from social interactions, and to expose the implicit acts of cover-up one engages in as he or she adheres to social convention.

Yu’s work centres on the use of two opposing media, and the tropes their usage represents: the disguise — faces and clothing rendered in vibrantly painted plaster; and a yearning for invisibility — bodies moulded of ultra-transparent PVC, a material Yu prefers for its weightless, distortion-free quality.

 “My works are about the ‘invisible people.’ Yu explains. “It was too simple to define them as ‘the alienated people’ or ‘the depressed people.’ Instead, I thought that I, or we, could easily be one of them. My works are about people who, instead of getting along with others, choose to keep a distance from them, and be invisible or be left alone unconcerned. Instead of trying to fit into the world, they climb into a space of their own and reject other people’s intrusions.”

Technical info:
Transparent PVC

Picture credits:
Jin Young Yu