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Trading in an igloo

Trading in an igloo Trading in an igloo  Trading in an igloo 

Architect: Mossine Partners, Moscow, Russia  
Location: Krasnogorsky district, Moscow Region, Russia

A new, temporary office structure near Moscow resembles a 1400sq-m inflatable igloo.

Having been asked to construct a flexible and mobile office, Russian architects of Mossine Partners built the structure with an outer membrane made of white PVC fabric.

The structure definitely stands out on a plain landscape with its unusual airy form, rounded as part of a cloud. Vertical facets divide the domes into an undulating series of riveted balloons. The structure houses a showroom and office for the real estate company in charge of developing the site. The interior is organized into three zones, with the largest central ‘bubble’ housing an exhibition area with lifesized apartment models.

Branching off this central area are two smaller ‘bubbles’: one with a sales area for managers and the other with a relaxation area brightened up with a café and a playroom for children.

Technical info: PVC fabric
Picture credits: Alexey Naroditskiy