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The Contradiction of Silence

  • The Contradiction of Silence
  • The Contradiction of Silence
  • The Contradiction of Silence
  • The Contradiction of Silence
  • The Contradiction of Silence

In celebration, of the launch of its new carpet range, Swedish carpet company Bolon commissioned renowned Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman to create a short film.

Famous for his modern interpretations of classical dance, Ekman’s previous work includes projects with the Boston Ballet Company, the Sydney Ballet Company, The Juilliard School and The Royal Swedish Ballet.

The playful, and witty, piece features sequences of dancing, timed to the motion of a weaving mill. Not simply portraying dancers stamping their feet on Bolon’s collection, Ekman really addresses the qualities of the company he is collaborating with. From set designs to dancer’s costumes, to, well, the floor, the entire film is created using vinyl carpets.

The film unveils different scenarios that are almost entirely created out of the newest vinyl flooring collection Silence, an earthen-coloured collection inspired by the landscapes of rural Sweden, which also has sound absorbing qualities. The intention is to highlight the material's versatility: the film moves from an apartment where everything is constructed from the flooring material, to a catwalk where even the outfits are made from Silence.

The Silence collection and The Contradiction of Silence concept have been further interpreted at Stockholm Design Week through an installation which Bolon created, in partnership with Beckmans College of Design, in Stockholm.

Artist | Alexander Ekman, Stockholm, Sweden 
Location | Stockholm, Sweden 
Technical info | PVC Bolon Flooring
Picture credits | Bolon