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The Big Shade

  • The Big Shade
  • The Big Shade
  • The Big Shade
  • The Big Shade
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The urban intervention designed by the local Bazan Jimenez and Architects transforms a promenade in the vicinity of Playa del Duque, in the town of Adeje (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The purpose of the renovation was to enable this tourist area, previously saturated by parking spaces, for the use and enjoyment of users and visitors.

The urban space proposed by Jimenez and Bazan Arquitectos SLP highlights the concepts of shadow, vegetation, landscape, play and stay. An underground car park is created and the new public space is pedestrianised, now freed from the space charge of vehicles. The transformed space is divided into two zones, each with its own character: The area of the promenade turns to the sea, while the final stretch of the promenade, collected from the sea, is considered as an independent anteroom of the beach. This last area becomes habitable thanks to the incorporation of elements of vegetation, shade and furniture composed of unique elements for the intervention.

In the first section the pedestrian sidewalk of the side extends seawards which links up from the Mall Plaza del Duque towards the Playa del Duque, allowing the incorporation of green spaces into the sidewalk as well as to enjoy the sights towards the sea. This route supports both kinds of traffic though it eliminates the parking on the seaside to incorporate a bicycle track leaving on the other side taxi services, loading and unloading and garbage containers.

In the space before the Playa del Duque the parking surface transforms into an urban, singular space, for pedestrians. A few big PVC pergolas join provide shade and new circular window boxes that distribute the urban space creating staying zones and play zones inserted in a fluid space and connected so well that it substantially improves the relation between beach, trade, city and landscape.


Architects | Bazan Jimenez and Architects, Tenerife, Spain 
Location | Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Technical info | PVC roof
Picture credits | Roberto Bazán