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The Absent City


Designers: Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, Argentina    
Museum: MMoCA  Madison Museum Of Contemporary Art, USA   

This installation at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin, USA, examines scale, transparency, and language while drawing attention to the function of the museum and its relationship to the community.

Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, who were originally trained as architects in Argentina and are now based in Miami, have collaborated to create art in museum and public settings for years. The most prominent component of the architects’ site-specific installation at MMoCA is a curtain of brightly coloured ribbons running the entire height of the museum’s three-story glass prow. Made from a vinyl material often used in industrial and retail settings, the ribbons alternately cover and expose the prow’s glass panels.

By obscuring the museum’s transparent membrane and highlighting the grand scale of the prow, the artists raise questions—both cultural and architectural—about the relationship between the city and the museum.

Technical info: PVC Tape
Picture credits: MMoCA, Angela Richardson, Devon Hugdahl, Preppie Curler