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Prague-based Studio Pha has designed the interior of the local T-Boutique, which is situated in the functionalist passage Broadway in a Prague street Na Příkopech.

In the layout the designers have assumed the distinctive aspects of the authentic architecture, which they experimented with, to follow the present approach. The central motif is the authentic skylight, a sort of centrepiece of the complete space, which then geometrically follows a wooden slat framework. This structure offers the whole, otherwise broken area, a vivid and compact shape.

The personal slats are created of multiplex birch veneer and the white translucent ceiling is made with a white PVC membrane. The floor technique is squeegee-grade micro-topping in the colour anthracite. The interior is complemented by simple shapes to minimalist furniture.

Architects: Studio Pha, Prague, Czech Republic 
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Technical infoPVC ceiling
Picture creditsFilip Šlapal