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Superstar Lamp

  • Superstar Lamp
  • Superstar Lamp

Puff-Buff Design was started in 2003 in Warsaw, by Polish designers Anna Siedlecka and Radek Achramowicz. The studio explores the qualities of PVC and other materials, creating pneumatic structures and new kinds of light sources such as LED and fluorescents.

The Last lighting collection is inspired by the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Anna and Radek dedicate their lamps to people who have an emotional relationship with the objects.

One of the most distinguishing products is the Superstar hanging lamp which is built with inflatable transparent elements from 11 to 15 cm in diameter connected with LED lights.

The spherical cluster of transparent PVC bubbles houses 150 white LEDs to shower the space with diffused daylight. A brushed stainless steel construction mounts discreetly on the ceiling. Thanks to this flexibility one can form glowing objects of various shapes and sizes - from single glowing walls of any size. The lightness of the system allows for bigger constructions.

During the creation of their projects the designers assumed that lightness and ease of transport were the most important factors.

Another important thing for Puff-Buff is also to offer to the end-user objects that can be modified according to wishes. The products, though they immediately are associated with toys, fulfil their functions, and give good quality lighting.

Designers | Puff Buff, Warsaw, Poland 
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