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Amazing PVC sculptures from the Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong give an awesome aspect of movement

Called Disguise, the sculptures exhibited in the 4walls gallery in Seoul in December 2011 feature PVC pipes glued together and coated with urethane paint. The work gives a dynamic sense of motion, harnessing multiple colours to create a unique, dynamic blur effect.

Looking closer, the figures in Kang's sculptures are an exploration of human relationships and communication. According to Kang – a graduate of the sculpture faculty of Seoul University – holes ignite curiosity in people because, regardless of age or gender, one always wonders what is on the other side of them. Kang believes that we should be just as curious about what is on another person's mind. In his opinion, the rise of social networks has reduced the amount of concrete personal conversation.

The holes also represent the void within ourselves that we helplessly try to fill. As he explains, "When we care too much about how we are seen through other people's eyes, rather than focusing on who we really are, we start to feel a sense of self-betrayal. The existential void may lead us to cry out, with the weight of depression caused by this in-authenticity."

Disguise 01 Disguise 02  Disguise 03 

Title: Disguise
Artist: Kang Duck-Bong, Korea
Location: 4walls gallery, Seoul
Technical info: PVC pipes
Picture credits, Courtesy: Gallery 4Walls