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Spaghetti Chair Limited Edition

  • Spaghetti Chair
  • Spaghetti Chair
  • Spaghetti Chair
  • Spaghetti Chair

Alfredo Häberli celebrates the spaghetti chair, the iconic piece designed by Italian design master Giandomenico Belotti for Alias in 1979. A Limited Edition of seven pieces has been on display in an itinerant exhibition.

Seven unique pieces, seven creative gestures through which the Argentine designer has interpreted the first chair designed for Alias, an item that has become a symbol in the history of design and is now part of the permanent collections of the most prestigious museums all over the world.

Characterised by its PVC threads, the Spaghetti Chair captured the fancy of Alfredo Häberli, who was left free to take it apart and put it back together again at his discretion, generating different new configurations.

So the back is extended to the point of becoming a celebration of the Mackintosh chair. Broken down and deconstructed through a manipulation process, a variant with two adjacent seats comes to life. A solid version of compact design features a very low seat, close to the ground.

Poetic is the version with a table built into the structure as an organic element. The two-metre high version is a strong, architectural presence. Hyper-feminine is the proposal with a seat reduced to minimum size, while the version with a deeper seat seems to be changing into a bench.

Designer | Alfredo Haberli, Zurich, Switzerland 
Producer | Alias, Grumello del Monte (BG), Italy 
Technical info | PVC threads
Picture credits | Alias