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Sound Of Light

  • Sound Of Light
  • Sound Of Light
  • Sound Of Light
  • Sound Of Light
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Sound Of Light is a site-specific installation, designed for the former music pavilion which was built in 1912. 

Imagine if you could hear the colours you perceive. you would be able to translate the green leaves of your garden, the black tar of your road, or the warm wood of your table into something audible. You wouldn’t just be able to see the vibrance of their physical representations, but another bodily sense would be engaged, enhancing your overall awareness of your surroundings. 

Sound Of Light is an inflatable music pavilion designed by German designers Marco Barotti and Plastique Fantastique at Urban Kunste Ruhr in Germany that interprets and dynamically transforms sunlight into audio frequencies.

A high quality digital camera mounted on the top of the structure films the sky and divides it into six colours, RGB and CMY. The six hanging, coloured columns of the pneumatic structure, which stand for the primary RGB (red/green/blue) and secondary CMY (cyan/magenta/yellow) colour models, are designed to receive different frequencies and convert them from visible to audible sensory input. A series of woofers is fixed directly on the bottom of each column and convert the whole architecture into a giant vibrating loudspeaker.

Sound Of Light is a composition of hue, saturation, and light. By mixing sound and architecture, the audience experiences a unique oneiric reality through the superimposition of colours, shapes, sounds and vibrations. Visitors can also discover their own concert by changing their point of view – an individual spectrum.

Designers | Plastique Fantastique + Marco Barotti, Berlin, Germany
Location | Urbane Kunste Ruhr, Hamm, Germany 
Technical info | Inflatable PVC
Picture credits | Marco Canevacci, Simone Serlenga