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Snowballing Doorway

  • Snowballing Doorway
  • Snowballing Doorway
  • Snowballing Doorway
  • Snowballing Doorway

Sited in an existing aperture, two vinyl archway forms of the same size pass air back and forth all day long. As one arch inflates, the other collapses and air, to fill the engorging arch, is sucked from the other. The two vinyl arches are in mirrored orientation, participants can pass through the bottom arch until it becomes volatile and the upper up-side-down arch starts to displace its counterpart.

Snowballing Doorway fits in a trajectory of thinking that Schweder has been pursuing for the last three years called “Performance Architecture”. This piece started with a desire for viewers to interact with a set of architectural instructions that change over time.

People know how to act with a doorway without any signage because it is part of familiar architectural language. At a certain point you can walk through Snowballing Doorway, and at another point your passage is blocked.

Again, the gallery’s architecture is perfect for this piece with a threshold of a very similar size just in front of it. You have the stable vault doorway contrasting the volatile Snowballing Doorway, and a viewer can compare the two experiences

Artist | Alex Schweder, New York, USA
Location | Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse, NY
Technical info | Vinyl and Fan Blown Air
Picture credits | David Broda