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Skyspace Bounce House

  • Skyspace Bounce House
  • Skyspace Bounce House
  • Skyspace Bounce House
  • Skyspace Bounce House
  • Skyspace Bounce House

Mungo Thomson is a contemporary visual artist based in Los Angeles. Thomson is an artist who explores existing assumptions, context, reversal and background: what is happening behind the action. He has been called an archivist of the in-between.

Thomson’s own aesthetic and intellectual background includes California “light and space” and conceptual art influences, which he has carried forward into the media-saturated world of today, adapting and transforming these ideas with a dry and disciplined wit.

Skyspace took the form of a bounce house.

Mungo Thomson’s Skyspace Bouncehouse is bulbous and luminous PVC pavilion, and the title refers, in part, to those brightly coloured, inflatable structures one might see in an urban front yard, waiting for kids to climb inside and jump until they lose their birthday cake. It's a chamber of rubbery wobbliness, and it helps to have two or more people in it at a time to help maximise its "bounce".

Thomson’s pavilion has a meeting room presence, its sole interior bench seamlessly designed in the round, but the buoyancy of the material defeats the purpose of sitting solemnly.

Artist: Mungo Thomson, Los Angeles, USA 
Location: Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Technical infoInflatable PVC
Picture credits: Margo Leavin Gallery