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Sky dining at the Olympics

Where’s the best view of London this summer? The London Eye wheel? New Shard building? Not necessarily. It could be the vista over the Olympic Stadium from a restaurant in the sky

Perched on the roof of a construction site overlooking the 2012 Olympic Park, Studio East Dining is London’s most exclusive rooftop dining experience. The 800 square-metre temporary restaurant gives diners stunning views of London landmarks, from Crystal Palace and Canary Wharf to the Gherkin and the City.

More than 47 metres high, it has a commanding presence on London’s skyline and also provides the first views over London’s Olympic Stadium and Zaha Hadid’s 2012 Aquatics Centre.

The 70-ton structure designed by London architectures Carmody Groarke is built from 2,000 scaffolding boards, 3,500 scaffolding poles and reclaimed timber from the construction site, covered in recyclable plastic sheeting. The restaurant’s design playfully and cleverly intensifies the spectacular setting with a series of dramatically framed views.
The cladding material which encases the roof is a semi-translucent membrane, using industrial grade heat-retractable PVC which is 100% recyclable.  As with the other materials, the PVC will be recycled without any waste when the “pop-up” restaurant closes.

By night, the whole structure glows, throwing out shadows and silhouettes of the action inside. A compelling jewel on London’s sunset skyline! Tempted? ...Unfortunately, bookings are already closed.

Studio East 01  Studio East 03 Studio East 05 

Project: Studio East Dining
Architects: Carmody Groarke, UK
Location: London, UK
Technical info: PVC
Picture credits, Courtesy: Luke Hayes, Egi News, Carmody Groarke