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Shishiodoshi House

Designed by Avignon-Clouet Architects, this project is home to a young couple and their three children.  Located within the vicinity of Le Corbusier Rezé a radiant city near Nantes, this vertical volume is almost a cap on the head of a Bigoudenne.  At a height of 11m this project is constructed on a wooded frame that is flipped entirely over, and a white PVC membrane.

To comply with local plans, the aluminum overhang collects rainwater. The veritable Japanese fountain is activated by the slightest drizzle, filling the water retention pool to the brim.

As a beacon amid a suburban sea, large balconies overflow with residents who offer unique perspectives on their community. 


Project: Shishiodoshi House

Location: Wujiaochang, Baoshan, Shanghai, China     

Architects: Avignon-Clouet Architects, Nantes, France          

Technical infoPVC membrane

Picture creditsStéphane Chalmeau

Website www.avignon-clouet.com