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Second Home

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Dosis, a Spanish laboratory of creative processes, founded by Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro, is committed to pushing the boundaries of the built environment with innovative architectural solutions. In each of their projects, the design strategies and solutions are a reflection of design research, using practice as an experimentation platform in which architecture navigates a wide scope of design interests that transcend basic pragmatic requirements.

Second Dome is a pneumatic living structure for creative workspace provider Second Home. In October 2016, Second Dome was inflated in London Fields in East London to host free community events for local families and children. The events were organised by the not-for-profit organisation Shuffle, and included animation workshops, film screenings, pinata-designing and science experiments. This free day of activities in London Fields is part of Second Home’s commitment to supporting local communities and civic spaces.

Second Dome is a reconfigurable space that can transform, within minutes, from a single 65 m2 bubble to a multi-room structure of over 400 m2 and eight metres in height. No other type of structure can be assembled so quickly and also have the capacity to span large areas with a thickness of less than a millimetre. It is a technologic artefact that automatically responds to wind and pressure and which needs extremely low amounts of energy for fabrication and assembly.

Second Dome was commissioned for Founders Forum 2016, Europe's leading business and technology event to house a series of high-profile events including an exclusive talk on design and innovation by iPod co-creator and Nest founder Tony Fadell.

The inflated pavilion is all about making the city more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.


Architects | Ignacio Peydro & Isabel Collado, Dosis, Madrid, Spain 
Place | London, UK 
Technical info | Coloured membrane: PVC Ferrari Precontrait 402 clear
PVC | PVC Expafol Cristal Flexible 800
Picture credits | Iwan Baan, Atlas Drones, Dosis, John Porral