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Schoolyard Pavilion

As part of the redevelopment around the primary school Neiwiss in Rodange, its municipality decided to build a covered area protected from the rain. 

The pavilion is open on the schoolyard. On the other side, the structure is closed towards public roads. This situation “beside” and the surrounding landscape have prompted cuts in the wall to frame views. In this way, the landscape also participates during the breaks for students and teachers.

The structure is made of eight cross-laminated timber panels 20cm thick, free-standing, prefabricated in a workshop and then fitted on-site. The outer surface of the roof and the side walls are covered by a PVC sealing, glued on the wood. The cuts in the wall are filled with fixed coloured safety glass. The inner surface of wooden panels is left exposed, just covered with a protective varnish.  


Project: Schoolyard Pavilion

Location: Rodange, Luxembourg     

Architects: Holweck Bingen Architectes, Diekirch, Luxembourg           

Technical infoPVC roof

Picture credits Photostudio Bosseler

Website www.hba.lu