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Rotating cone shows green power


Engineers: Manuel Kretzer and Hans Sach
Location: New Orleans, USA

The lightness and strength of PVC are used in an experimental mobile structure that produces and stores electricity.

Engineers Manuel Kretzer and Hans Sach developed 'Cone v2' for the recent Voodoo Experience Music and Art Festival in New Orleans.

The Cone is made of PVC-tubes that are spirally connected at the bottom and top of the construction. Attached to the tubes are sails that makes the structure rotate. If there is not enough wind, the cone can also be turned by man power. By moving the cone, energy is produced which is stored in batteries and will be used for illumination. The cone can be entered via an opening in the ground-platform to experience the visual effects.

The design is based on the design principles of hyperboloid structures of the Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov.

The intricate PVC structure gives the cone the necessary support structure strength and low volume and weight. Segmentation of the cones allows easy assembly within a short time and without the use of sophisticated technical equipment.

Technical info: PVC pipe
Picture credits: Manuel Kretzer and Hans Sach