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“Rogue in my pool”

The ordinary presented in an extraordinary way

American artist Lynn Aldrich focuses her art on the representation of ideas, especially about contemporary life, reality and humanity. In her conceptual approach she makes use of objects and materials from everyday life, such as PVC, rubber and metal, which become metaphors for the ideas she seeks to express.

“What I am thinking about is complex or paradoxical, but when it comes to putting this into form through images or materials, I am naturally attracted to simplicity” explains Lynn, who lives and works in Los Angeles. “I am interested in the accumulation, repetition and presentation of ordinary objects, materials and images.”

Lynn Aldrich’s work has immediate appeal. Her colourful collections of PVC and rubber tubes play a cartoon note against the seriously innovative designs that they inhabit. Familiar elements are treated in unexpected ways, and the titling of the work gives room for its maker’s deft sense of wordplay.

Rogue in my pool 01 Rogue in my pool 02   

Title: Death and Life of an Object
Artist: Lynn Aldrich, USA
Technical info: PVC cables
Picture credits, Courtesy: Lynn Aldrich