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Roca Gallery

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  • Roca Gallery
  • Roca Gallery
  • Roca Gallery
  • Roca Gallery

Roca Gallery is the meeting point for various social, cultural and exhibition activities related to the company’s values: sustainability, design and innovation; and Roca tries to be a hallmark of design in all cities where it is present.

Once more, the innovative space Roca Madrid Gallery has relied on the Spanish creative studio CuldeSac, for the concept of its new display cases. On this occasion, “The Roca Formula” presents to the public, the genuine composition of each Roca product, the true molecular essence of each piece, through an analogy with organic chemistry and its formulas, a language that speaks to us of precision and exactness, and, at the same time, alchemy and innovation.

The installation created by CuldeSac brings together concepts such as creativity, sustainability, and design, formulated as long chains that condense the best parts of these principles, giving rise to unique and more elaborate concepts, praising all of the qualities of the product.

Regarding the technical features, the set of atomic formulas are built from polyethylene spheres reinforced internally with fibreglass in order to achieve the necessary stiffness. The connection between each of these spheres is made through some shells also made of polyethylene that are first attached to the surface of the spheres, and then are enclosed in PVC pipes that make the links.

The set has been developed such that it can be disassembled in its entirety, so that the project can be moved around.

Architects: CuldeSac, Madrid – Spain
Location: : Madrid, Spain
Technical info: PVC PIPES
Picture credits: CuldeSac