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PVC: from Venice, with style

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PVC finds a new life, in line with the recommendations of the EU strategy for a circular economy!

It is a genuine, original and colourful Venice that is reproduced on bags and accessories of the SANMARCO4070 line, recently launched by Mauro Scarpa and Andrea Baessato, two Venetians. Bags and accessories (purses, wallets, key cases, cases, etc.) are made by printing processes on PVC, mainly from manufacturing waste.

This creative idea was born with the talent of Mauro Scarpa, born 1962, pharmaceutical representative for homeopathic and herbal medicines, artist and illustrator. And the figurative representation of the city of Venice is the fulcrum of the artists’ work, and its maximum personal and emotional expression. Venice with its “calli”, its campi, its fondamenta, is reproduced on bags and accessories, each one marked by the place names in Venetian dialect.

In recent years Mauro has taken possession of a hitherto unexpressed artistic talent, both as an illustrator seeking original painting techniques, (spatula on canvas with double-drawing on the same layer) that is in the representation of his native Venice - his maximum personal expression, and now with the new line of bags and accessories. The paintings of Venice are colourful and reflect the intense energy as well as the magical atmosphere of Venice.

All SANMARCO4070 goods are strictly ‘Made in Venice’: the whole process of designing, printing, cutting, sewing and assembly takes place in Venice. The material used is polyester, coated with PVC, chosen for its characteristics of strength, workability and printability.
Once again, it returns to the Venice-PVC pairing: a historical, cultural, and in this case, artistic affinity, that continues in the name of creativity and innovation.

Designer: Mauro Scarpa, Venice, Italy
Producer: SanMarco4070, Venice, Italy
Technical info: PVC, leather, fabric
Picture credits: SanMarco4070