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Psychopedagogical Medical Centre

  • Psychopedagogical Medical Centre
  • Psychopedagogical Medical Centre
  • Psychopedagogical Medical Centre
  • Psychopedagogical Medical Centre

Outside the Barcelona municipality of Vic, capital of the county of Osona, is this facility specialised in psychopedagogical medical care, a work of the local firm headed by Jordi Comas and Anna Pont. The program is organised over 1,657 square metres of usable floor area, mostly at ground level.

The building’s design is based on the repetition of a spatial module six metres wide. Around a central pavilion stand various other constructions, separated by vegetable gardens tended by patients as a therapeutical activity. Unifying the complex, light and ventilated corrugated metallic panels clad the facades and the vaulted roofs. In contrast, the southern elevations present greenhouses, which serve as thermal cushions, with PVC curtains for enclosures. To create warm indoor spaces, wood is the predominant building material inside.

All rehabilitation services for people with mental illness are grouped in this building. The centre is composed by the repetition of a six-metre wide space module. A system of economic and energetically sustainable constructions, plus the domestic scale and the warmth of the interior spaces added to the relationship between building and nature, makes this a healthy building.

The rest of the pavilions are displaced with their specific programs along a central courtyard adapted to the topography of the original terrain and separated from each other by gardens and orchards. The interstitial spaces between the access and the perimetral pavilions are occupied by the connecting ramps.

The building has an economical, modular and high efficiency energy system that adapts energy demand according to the interior occupation and the external climate. A light and ventilated cover hangs over a metallic structure. The roof section allows ventilation of the air chamber in summer and when closed in winter, conserves heat and radiates it to the interior with some automated mechanisms.

The same happens in the south façade where a linear porch with a depth of 1.5m performs the function of a thermal mattress thanks to the greenhouse effect. These spaces have a practicable closure based on PVC curtains that can be closed in winter to accumulate heat (introduced in the interior through the ventilation system) or opening in summer leaving the porch as a sun protection element. The vegetation in these spaces is cultivated by the patients themselves again as part of the rehabilitation therapy.

Architects | Comas-Pont Arquitectos, Barcelona, Spain 
Location | Vic, Barcelona, Spain
Technical info | PVC transparent curtains
Picture credits | Adrià Goula