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Prefab's Last Frontier

One of the most pressing needs in many countries around the world is housing solutions. Governments have to deal with natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes or floods; cities face many complex issues due to social development which includes providing and maintaining high quality social housing to millions of people, in order to face fast urban development or to reclaim degraded urban areas.

Now, imagine being able to put up a structure that is easy, fast and cheap to erect. Think about being able to make inner rooms and spaces by just joining and rearranging panels? A place that is healthy to live in, self-extinguishing, maintenance-free and durable. Now, finally, imagine the building also comes with a solar panel system to generate power for different needs…. What a wonderful dream that would be!

Home 54sqmExcept, this dream has quickly become reality. HOME™ is a modular housing system that meets all the criteria that you can think of. As Friul Filiere Spa, the Italian company behind HOME™ puts it, the “aim is to create houses without any impact on the environment but living in harmony with it.” A structure that can be installed permanently, or temporarily: replaced, relocated or removed if needed.

HOME™ is perfect to build definitive villages - for fast, easy construction of new residential areas but, it can also be rapidly installed to give shelter to people in need, in case of natural disasters or violent conflicts, and can give people a better place to live in, with the basic sanitary conditions such as clean water, hygienic and hydraulic systems.

The basic model can be configured in different ways depending on Home interiorneeds and applications. The construction uses different profile components in assembly rather than a mono-block system. The main structure of the house is in steel which guarantees stability in case of earthquakes. Plastic profiles and panels are then installed on these steel columns.

This innovative concept makes it possible to use two different materials for the external and internal sides of the wall: acrylic layers on the inside, and PVC panels on the outsides. It is not even necessary to paint the walls – FFC, the ultralight, composite, patented material, looks like and can be worked on like wood, but acts as if it were PVC.

A special UV resistant layer is added on the external PVC surface. This material is modified with additives which influence lifespan, chemical, weather, abrasion and outdoor resistance. Stabilisers ensure the heat stability of the material and protect the product from changes.

To improve thermal insulation performance of the wall, the inner core can be empty or filled with different materials depending on use: plasterboard, sand, concrete, natural fibres like coconut, EPS and others. Avoiding the use of concrete makes it possible to disassemble the panels and relocate the house.

The internal panel is made of FFC™ material, it consists of the mixture of thermoplastic material with vegetal fibres, lightened with closed cells expansion. This material has the property to cease burning once the source of the flame has been removed. The internal panel transpires which makes life on the inside of the house healthy thanks to both the FFC™ material of the internal wall panels and the ventilated roof which create a natural ideal microclimate. Many different windows and transparent Plexiglas spot lighting under the roof create a comfortable place to live in, and allow natural light inside the rooms.

Home Schematic

These systems are ideal for interior partitions, complete modular prefabricated houses or to build construction camps and can find applications in building schools, industrial sheds, field/rural healthcare centres or refugee camps.

All the elements of the main panel are loaded in pieces which can be easily assembled at site. Different panels and profiles can be stacked together, thereby saving nearly 2/3d of the space in shipping containers.

A 54 square metre unit is delivered on site and can be installed (on the concrete base prepared earlier) within 7 to 15 days without any heavy machinery. And the whole structure: including steel columns, plastic profiles, fixtures, electrical and hydraulic installations, etc. can be shipped in a 20’’ container which means that such structures can be rapidly transported and erected in times of need with a low environmental impact.

Friul Filiere Spa | www.friulfiliere.it