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Pieces in the Tied Up

  • Pieces in the Tied Up
  • Pieces in the Tied Up
  • Pieces in the Tied Up
  • Pieces in the Tied Up

Ipsen’s explorations are mainly based on two threads: the diversity and rich potential of spherical shapes and the infinite possibilities of abstract organic geometries.

Pieces in the Tied Up series consist of joined, monochrome, glazed spherical elements that are subsequently tied up with coloured strings of PVC. These Tied Up pieces, considered by many to be his signature work, are typical of his desire to explore formal structure, and appear not unlike a molecular model but add a feeling of tension and a degree of sensuousness to the form.

Other pieces, such as the Organic series explore patterns of broken or continuous connecting lines by the use of black transfers. By adding these decorations, Ipsen creates contrast and changes the expression of the white organic sculpture. The result is an abstract and highly spatial sculptural expression.

Artist | Steen Ipsen, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Location | Copenhagen, Denmark
Technical info | PVC strings
Picture credits | Ole Akhoej