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Pantanal Arena

“Pantanal Arena represents our line of work, always supported by quality design and qualification requirements of urban, social and environmental responsibility,” says Sergio Coelho, a partner at BCP Architects and responsible for the project. Around the stadium, an area with more than 300 thousand square metres, citizens have access to a plaza with a play area, walking track, bars and a restaurant, as well as a landscape project with lots of greenery and a reflecting pool.

The issue of legacy can be exemplified by the flexibility of the design. During the soccer tournament, the stadium will seat 42,968 spectators, given the minimum established by FIFA arenas where there are 40,000 spectators. However, as the structure is modular in the upper bleachers of the northern and southern sectors, the government of Mato Grosso can evaluate demand after the tournament and reduce the capacity to 27,000 spectators and, consequently, reduce maintenance costs. Covered, Pantanal Arena may host diverse events such as concerts, exhibitions, fairs, and also, other sports.

The stadium looked for the best use of natural lighting and cross-ventilation, favouring energy efficiency. A more permeable and airy architectural form, creating microclimates with vegetation, the use of reflecting pools, and also the positioning of the building and the field, protected from strong sunlight with an envelope of metal louvres associated with a cast-glazed PVC membrane are part of a project that provides significant reduction in energy use. 


Project: Pantanal Arena

Location: Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brasil   

Architects: GCP Arquitetos, Sao Paulo, Brasil          

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Picture credits Nelson Kon