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Oiwa Island 2

  • Oiwa Island 2
  • Oiwa Island 2
  • Oiwa Island 2
  • Oiwa Island 2
  • Oiwa Island 2

Inside a former soy-sauce warehouse, on the Japanese island of Shodoshima, artist Oscar Oiwa has installed Oiwa Island 2 as part of the Japanese 2016 Setouchi Triennale.

The large-scale work has been realised inside the spherical chamber of a 6-metre diameter inflatable PVC dome.

The Brazilian-born, and Japanese-resident, artist has intricately illustrated the interior walls of an all-white bubble, surrounding visitors in a labyrinth of monochromatic graphics and motifs drawn in black permanent marker.

Unfolding in a 360 degree panorama, the interior depicts the picturesque Setouchi landscape, recognised by lush vegetation, water and a mountainous backdrop. A drawing of a humble house is placed in the setting, the door of which becomes the portal through which visitors can enter the dome.

Originally realised for the 2013 edition of the Triennale, Oiwa Island 2 now includes a new section of drawings made specifically for this installation, which depict sky, forest and a small cottage on the sea shore. A painting of a door on the side of the dome turns out to be the actual door through which visitors can enter the dome.

Designer: Oscar Oiwa, Tokyo, Japan 
Location: 2016 Setouchi Triennale, Setouchi, Japan
Technical infoInflatable PVC
Picture creditsOscar Oiwa