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Now 3D Print with PVC Too!

Print with 3D Vinyl
There are new developments, almost every half hour as is reported, in the 3d printing industry and yet a recent invention has left the industry unexpectedly surprised with its sudden onset and unusual choice of material: PVC.

PVC had been hitherto overlooked as a material suitable for 3D printing. But now there is an industry-first: the development, testing and proof of a PVC-based filament.

3D Vinyl, as this new wonder material, has been branded, is a pioneering invention to suit the polymer-based 3D printing market segment in order to introduce a more durable and sustainable alternative to the incumbent 3D-printing polymers now being commercialised. The product is meant to be completely unique with a lot to offer the industry and opens the way for PVC into the burgeoning world of advanced manufacture.

This new PVC material has the thermoplastic qualities required for 3D printing, and allows everyone, from hobbyists to pros, to dive into more advanced manufacturing and helps move past previous limitations imposed by the traditional materials used in prototyping and low-volume production. This will also most likely garner a great deal of attention from all sectors of the 3D printing industry seeking a high quality and versatile new material.

Some of the unique features of 3D Vinyl are UV resistance, weatherproof qualities, solvent resistance, fire retardance, improved rigidity, low embodied energy content and most importantly, a sustainable footprint – requiring only 50 percent fewer fossil fuel inputs, as it uses abundant natural gas.

There’s a great deal of excitement surrounding this new material, and Chemson Pacific, the inventors, have already lined up several sales partnerships.