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Nature at Full Gallop

  • Nature at full gallop
  • Nature at full gallop
  • Nature at full gallop
  • Cultural Park

Founded in 2004 by Japanese architects Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, Torafu Architects employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Nature is one of their key themes that ranges in scale, from a single cell to outer space. What they normally see as "nature" is, in fact, merely one small part; the naked human eye cannot discern the rest of the world that endlessly expands before it.

With a new display project for Hermes, Torafu Architects have attempted to present a new aspect of nature by drawing attention to, and magnifying, a world that is normally concealed.

Looking at a cross-section of plants with a microscope reveals a universe of beautiful patterns that numbers the many plants found around the world. The architects expressed these patterns through an arrangement of custom colour PVC pipes that are similar to enlarged micro cell patterns found within various plants.

In the background, colour gradations, akin to chemicals used in experiments, vividly reproduce these cell patterns. The pieces are displayed according to their diverse cell patterns. Their aim is to create a display that would convey the beauty and wonder of "nature" that is concealed within plants on a micro scale, which normally cannot be seen.

Designer | Torafu Architects, Tokyo, Japan 
Producer | Hermes Japan 
Technical info | PVC rigid tubes
Picture credits | Nacása & Partners - Hermès Japan