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Media Plaza

  • Media Plaza
  • Media Plaza
  • Media Plaza
  • Media Plaza

At the Media Plaza of Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, a conference space was designed with a slogan as starting point: “Innovation leads to inspiration”.

Rotterdam-based Liong Lie Architects designed the Polar Conference Hall as an environment that stimulates creativity: a special place where people can create their own atmosphere for meetings and presentations.

The big conference hall holds up to 700 people, and is designed as an outdoor theatre: a fully transparent roof was used to enhance the feeling of meeting one another in the great outdoors. In contrast to the luminous and white, large hallway, the colours used in the foyer are dark and intense.

The curved outer walls of the hall are designed as one huge chandelier: they are cladded with 7000 small stainless steel plates, behind which LED lighting has been placed. The session rooms are basic white rooms that can change into any chosen colour through an RGB lighting system that is situated behind a white stretch ceiling.

The experience of exiting a room and entering the next is marked by visual contrasts. Designed to give expression to the concept 'Fire and Ice', rooms vary from being dark and intense to light and etheric. The lighting, developed through a double layer of semitransparent PVC, can be accessed and controlled so users can create their personal lighting environments that vary in colour and intensity. This enhances the meeting experience and increases productivity, and can also be used to create a complete brand experience. 

Architects | Liong Lie Architects, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
Location | Utrecht, Netherlands
Technical info | PVC Barrisol roof
Picture credits | Liong Lie