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Marni Ballhaus

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Italian fashion brand Marni has opened their showroom to the public during the last Milan Design Week 2016 to showcase their new furniture collection, influenced by Colombian culture.

Last year the vast space was transformed into a fruit market mimicking the ones in Bogotá, and Colombia has been referenced once again with the exploration of the ancient dance of Cumbia.

Marni Ballhaus sees the traditional, full, circular skirts worn by cumbia dancers and the knotted scarves worn by the men reinterpreted and reproduced in iconic Marni fabrics. Suspended in a circular formation, the floating skirts serve as a vibrant backdrop to the live performances of voice, music and dance celebrated throughout the week.

Additionally, new home furnishings, including lamps, loungers, chairs and bags – all fabricated using Marni’s signature colored hand-woven PVC cord – have been displayed around the space. The limited edition items have been made in Colombia by a group of women who have gained independence and freedom through work.

Marni Ballhaus reaffirms the brand’s commitment to charitable initiatives, as a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the design items will be donated to the Vimala Association, which supports numerous children’s projects.

DesignerMarni Fashion Design, Milano, Italy 
ProducerMarni, Milano, Italy 
Technical infoPVC cord
Picture creditsMarni