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Looking through animals

Looking through animals Looking through animals  Looking through animals 

Artist: Victorine Müller, Bern, Switzerland    
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland      

Ask art connoisseurs what is so special about the work of Swiss artist Victorine Müller, and they will probably answer with a simple word: immersion. Each artwork, encased in a seemingly weightless PVC structure and often depicting that of an animal, is an ode to reflection and sensitivity.

Victorine Müller’s presentations are very much oriented around a spiritual or emotional dynamism where her presence inside the air-filled creature often emits a tangible aura — breathing animistic energy into the beast she inhabits. This unusual medium fosters a thorough and almost halcyon contemplation from viewers, with each piece being created to impart abstract ideas and somewhat invisible forces.

One example of her compositions is ‘Timeline’, a performance that took place Lucerne, which by itself manages to give a clear definition for most of her work. The piece is best described by the deployment and occupancy of a monolithic transparent elephant, illuminated by natural and powered light.

With the animal in the upright position for the beginning of the showing — and Müller sitting calmly, with her legs crossed, in its bowels — she manages to exude a certain spirit and alertness akin to the living beast itself.

The remainder of the exhibition sees the artist lay the sculpture on its side to display it in a completely contrasting state — sleeping, or even perished,  a state she manages to embody just as acutely.

Technical info: Inflatable transparent PVC
Picture credits: David Aebi, Dimon Egli, François Charrière