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LeShop.ch Drive Pick Up Station

  • Drive Pick-up Station
  • Drive Pick-up Station
  • Drive Pick-up Station
  • Drive Pick-up Station
  • Drive Pick-up Station

The LeShop.ch Drive Pick Up Station, designed by Swiss group Atelier-Oï, is composed of 36 elliptical umbrellas. The membrane was provided with the latest innovation in PVC material, in order to ensure a long service life.

This special construction receives a functional, added, value by its integrated water drainage system which enables the use of the umbrella as drainage which derives the water through the mast in the earth.

At night there originates an interesting effect, the mast disappears almost in the darkness and wakes the feeling within the viewer that he stands before nothing but coloured air bubbles which just climb up in the sky.

The umbrellas are constructed in three different heights and number about 36 pieces. A single umbrella construction consists of an ellipse-like steel pipe ring with an approximate diameter of 5.10 m, on supports 5.70 m in height, on an external, concentric, low ring. This low ring is fastened again concentrically to a mast. The whole construction is connected upwards with wire ropes in the mast.

Below the steel pipe construction, a membrane from PVC-coated polyester fabric is braced. The mast is clamped to a ferro-concrete foundation. The water drainage occurs from the membrane in the low ring and inside through the masts.

Architects | Atelier-Oï, La Neuveville, Switzerland 
Location | Studen, Switzerland
Technical info | PVC membrane
Picture credits | MDT-tex