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Layering Movement

  • Layering Movement
  • Layering Movement
  • Layering Movement
  • Layering Movement
  • Layering Movement


Chinese designer Chengxu Tian's Layering Movement collection of footwear features textured, stripy patterns created by injection moulding.

Tian designed the collection during his Masters course at London College of Fashion, after becoming interested in how 3D layering could be used in footwear design.

To create the range, the designer poured liquid PVC into a mould, before using an oven to heat it to a solid state. Fabric was then layered on top, and a pressing machine used to combine the two materials together.

The process can be used to create unusual surface textures that vary from shoe to shoe, as well as individual elements that can be placed as raised 3D patterns on the surface of the footwear.

The collection features a range of striped and semi-woven patterns, with different layers accentuated in bright contrasting colours. Designs range from high heels to trainer-style footwear and slingbacks.

The designer worked with seven different factories to test and produce the shoes, designing a different mould for each piece of footwear. 


DesignerChengxu Tian, Chengdou, China
Material: Moulded PVC
Picture creditsChengxu Tian