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Lano Fruits Office

  • Lano Fruits Office
  • Lano Fruits Office
  • Lano Fruits Office
  • Lano Fruits Office

The project connects two bordering spaces. One of them was used as a warehouse, the other one, in which they worked, was the result of many previous failed remodellings. They needed more natural light, acoustic and thermal comfort, collective spaces, rest rooms, and especially a cosy atmosphere.

The Restoration is carried out by the reinforcement of the structure with a delicate concrete operation. The reorganisation of pipes allows keeping the original height. And the opening of a skylight provides a lot of natural light during the working day.

The Architecture starts at the coffee break area, the hall for workers and sporadic visitors. They are accompanied by a continuous and light polycarbonate line that defines the most private spaces. Halfway there is an "office landscape" under the soft zenithal light. The floor is a twisted PVC colour triangulation. It also covers some blind parts of the partition to hide the toilet and the broom closet.

The main lighting is lifted off the ceiling with circular lamps of soft light. In the meeting room there are long arm wall lamps. They light up this relaxed space in a more domestic way.

In short this new design obtains a livelier and comfortable office that creates functionality and a kindlier space.

Architects | Laura Ortín, Murcia, Spain 
Location | Murcia, Spain
Technical info | PVC Flooring
Picture credits | David Frutos