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Kaffee Partner Headquarters

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Following the international award-winning Leonardo Glass Cube, German practice 3deluxe, have once again completed a piece of corporate architecture with an ambitious design and expressive formal language.

On all storeys, asymmetrically curved ribbons on the façade link the three edifices that make up the U-shaped complex with one another. They elegantly conceal the orthogonal grid of the concrete skeleton structure. The ribbons’ flowing contours give the architecture momentum and create visual suspense, which culminates in the animated, vertically staggered composition of the administration wing. Positioned on the south-eastern corner of the plot next to the approach to the company site, this particular building represents a prominent eye-catcher. The PVC ceiling slabs, differently shaped and cantilevered on each floor are surrounded on all sides by the meandering ribbons on the façade, which here assume the role of a parapet.

The colour concept for the architecture and interior design of the new headquarters combines white as the main colour with near-natural hues from the world of coffee and, here too, helps create a holistic image of the company.

Accurately assembled from 150 custom-made pre-fabricated concrete parts, the façade ribbons structure the 100-metre view from the road of the corporate headquarters and create a sense of depth. Whereas on the cubic logistics hall, the ribbons still form a straight-lined relief, in the direction of the administration building their contours become increasingly curved before at least even their surfaces morph into gentle waves.

On the front of the ensemble the opposite is the case: On the façade of the customer support wing to the right of the four-storey administration structure, the façade ribbons once again take the form of straight strips running parallel to the front of the building. In line with the building’s surroundings, the dynamic façade was designed with a view to being observed at eye-level and from a short distance. From the perspective of passers-by, be they on foot or motorised, the under surfaces of the overlapping storey slabs and façade ribbons present a particularly attractive, varied interplay between shape, light, and shadow. At times, the light reflecting off the copper-coloured window frames and sun-protection lamellas give the white surfaces a gentle metallic shimmer.

Architects | 3deluxe, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Germany 
Location | Osnabrück, Germany
Technical info | Barrisol PVC Ceiling
Picture credits | Emanuel Raab