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iGuzzini Headquarters

  • iGuzzini Headquarters
  • iGuzzini Headquarters
  • iGuzzini Headquarters
  • iGuzzini Headquarters
  • iGuzzini Headquarters

The iGuzzini Iberian headquarters in Barcelona, designed by local Mias Arquitectes, is characterised by a geodesic ellipsoid suspended above an open landscape.

Placed adjacent to a roadway hub, the spherical shape is subtly deformed on the south side to destabilise the otherwise perfect geometry. A PVC fabric membrane is wrapped around the triangulated frame to provide shade, which is composed in response to solar orientation, improving the comfort, and protection, of its interior spaces.

The building does not seek to boast of explicit technological innovation, but it does seek to be an example of current development towards well-understood sustainability in both technological and energy terms. The project seeks to exemplify, in architecture, the conditions closest to humankind including: collectivity, ambition, and excellence.

The appearance of the Spanish iGuzzini Headquarters is intended to look like a large lamp, a reference to the mission of iGuzzini, which is an international brand for indoor and outdoor lighting.

A large central void, occupied by the single column from which the entire building is suspended, permits greater light and energy control inside. The space within the sphere is used for offices and research facilities.

Through the design of the headquarters, Mias Arquitectes sought to create light architecture that keeps its relevance over time with regards to its structural expression, connection to the site, and passive environmental systems.

Architects | Mias Arquitectes, Barcelona, Spain 
Location | Barcelona, Spain
Technical info | PVC membrane Ferrari Stamisol
Picture credits | IASO, Adrià Goula