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  • HKSH MRI Center
  • HKSH MRI Center
  • HKSH MRI Center
  • HKSH MRI Center
  • HKSH MRI Center

The design of the new MRI centre intends to evoke a futuristic, clean and dynamic feeling to house the state-of-the-art equipment. The challenge for this project was to develop a planning and design concept that would be functional from a medical standpoint and a pleasant and positive experience for the patients.

The 670 square metre department is inserted into an existing irregular building envelope and structural layout, each specialised space including two MRI rooms, four ultrasound rooms, three mammogram and biopsy rooms, one Fluoroscopy room, one Lithotripsy room, supporting and control rooms and general waiting area.

The curvilinear lines of the ceiling became a key feature of the design as an elegant and effective way to link up the multiple irregular public spaces and add fluidity to the space.

Fibreglass and vinyl modules were developed to house a variety of functions such as seating, computer terminals, storage and equipment to created identifiable objects and spaces within the department. The modules were prefabricated off-site.

The color palette for PVC flooring and ceiling is an array of white accented with pale oak and celadon green. The use of seraphic glass panels is used to add depth to the space. Enlargements of human MRI scans were used abstractly as educational and decorative features throughout the department.

Architects | Liz Leung, Hong Kong
Location | Hong Kong
Technical infoPVC flooring and ceiling
Picture creditsLiz Leung