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Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium?

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The identity and environmental graphics for Gimme More played on the intersection of the material and the immaterial, using simple elements of light and shape to create an other-worldly effect. Other-wordly feelings were hoped to help introduce visitors to AR and to highlight SOFTlab's innovative exhibition design. The exhibition graphics helped tie together the low-tech architectural material and the digital nature of the installations.

Once inside the gallery, a visitor could distinguish the contrast between the analogue dressing of a window and a dynamic, digital visual for the ‘title wall’ that was located at the entrance of the exhibition. The title wall was created with triangular pixels, either cut into, folded out or adhered onto the PVC, while others were projected as animated pixels of light to complete the graphic. The final effect successfully captured the exhibition’s blur of the physical and digital.

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