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Futuristic roof for the “Space Center”

Halle Bus Station Halle Bus Station 
Halle Bus Station   

Architects: Temme Obermeier, Raubling, Germany   
Location: Halle (Saale), Germany       
Located closed to the city’s main train station, the Central Bus Station in Halle (Saale) is an important entryway to the city. But what makes it truly unique is its impressive roof construction made from PVC-PES membrane. 
The station was completely redesigned by German architects at Temme Obermeier. The PVC-PES membrane roofs covering each of the nine bus stops were installed to enable ventilation, hide the steel structure and prevent birds from nesting.
The light, elliptical structure is undoubtedly the most impressive piece of architecture in the area, binding together all bus stops to form a harmonic construction. The latter applies the principles of overall architecture: forming a coherent whole while preserving the shape of each individual part. 
With its roof, Temme Obermeier created a piece of architecture which appears to float in the air and stands as a definition for both lightness and elegance. The light membrane roof remains unobtrusive, thus providing expansiveness, openness and visibility. The membrane design underlines the innovative character of the station, also commonly known as the Space Center.
Technical info: PVC-PES membrane roofs 
Picture credits: Gyinti