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Fan Lamp

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  • Fan Lamp

Italamp, one of the leading companies in the lighting sector, have been working for 40 years in the indoor lighting decoration field, as a fresh and lively company able to combine a modern industrial philosophy with the distinctive attitude of Italian handmade.

This approach does not only rely on the stylish and sophisticated design of the products, but also on the endless capacity to reinvent the meaning of light objects.

Fan Lamp, designed by Italian designers Stefano Traverso and Roberta Vittadello, is an example of this method, using a strip of mass-coloured PVC to create a playful and dramatic diffuser. The main idea is to create accessible design, and therefore a lamp that is elegant and original but not over-the-top, for those seeking a product that is both classic and in step with the times.

Fan Lamp, which is developed as a table and hanging lamp, looks like an interpretation of the thousand-year-old history of glass, introducing a more contemporary and unusual material like PVC combined with small crystals. Fan Lamp unites functionality and aesthetics in a light object that is capable of exploring the indoor as well as the outdoor, synthesising the ancient arts of crystal cutting and pottery making.


Designer | Stefano Traverso, Genova, Italy + Roberta Vittadello, Cadoneghe, Italy
Producer | Italamp, Cadoneghe, Italy 
Technical info | Flexible PVC strip
Picture credits | Italamp