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Energy Storage Tower

  • Energy Storage Tower
  • Energy Storage Tower

Kassel-based Pape+Pape Architekten have designed an impressive 17.5-metre-high and four-metre-wide structure which resembles a quirky piece of contemporary sculpture.

It contains an internal cylindrical water tank illuminated by LEDs which are programmed to indicate how much of the energy is generated from the nearby natural gas-fired, combined heat and power plant.

The main challenge for the lighting installation was the timeframe. The structure’s perforated exterior PVC membrane was fitted over the quirky, uneven steel sub-frame only a few days after the construction of the tower was completed by a team of local specialists.

When there is a lot of energy stored and available for use to heat the nearby homes, the 20 000 litre water feature glows red. When there is less available, the colour gradually morphs into blue.

Due to its resulting interesting shape and multiple curved surfaces – evoking horizontal layers of water, an amount of experimentation was needed to optimise the lighting. The goal was to have a dynamic mix between light movement and even coverage, so several different angles were required to get the fixtures perfectly aligned.

The new heat storage system ensures the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency by storing unneeded heat that is generated during the power production process which is then available for later use when the demand is higher.

Architects | Pape+Pape Architekten, Kassel, Germany 
Location | Hildesheim, Germany
Technical info | PVC membrane
Picture credits | Schmitz Schminski