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  • DubaiTAG
  • DubaiTAG
  • DubaiTAG
  • DubaiTAG

Germany-based manufacturer Wibit Sports marks another milestone in its 20-year company history, designing and installing the so-called DubaiTAG, the first of its kind in the world. It has been installed at the famous Jumeirah Beach in Dubai last September.

The innovative structure is both a floating playground and a powerful means of advertising at the same time.

Almost 100 modular PVC components have been arranged into letters which spell “D-U-B-A-I”, and creating a giant water park of 77 m length by 35 m width. This floating island of fun is designed to hold 200 people at the same time. To top it off, the custom-designed structure in turquoise and purple colours is shaped like the new Dubai tourism logo.

With an aerial view, the word “DUBAI” can be read in both the English (left to right) and Arabic (right to left) languages. Since September 2016, the floating sign has been extremely popular for locals and tourists of all ages.


Designer | Wibit Sport, Bocholt, Germany 
Location | Dubai
Technical info | Inflatable PVC
Picture credits | Wibit Sports