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Deficiency Collection

  • Deficiency Collection
  • Deficiency Collection

Industrial fabrics and hardware supplies were used to create these garments shown at the last Design Indaba by South African fashion graduate Renee Nicole Sander.

For her first collection titled “Deficiency”, fashion designer Renee Nicole Sander chose to experiment with PVC and padding, using the icy forms and colours of glaciers as a reference.

Sander designs garments that are ready-to-wear as well as avant garde pieces. Her latest collection includes commercial outfits, tailored outfits, eveningwear and high-fashion pieces.

The concept for her collection was glacier formations, with their interesting shapes and textures. She used wadding for padded quilts and blackout lining for curtains along with plastic canvas and other industrial materials to create the garments.

One piece comprises translucent PVC sheets linked with plastic ties down the sides, which look like shower curtain rings, and large circular arm holes in the front.

The collection was designed purely in white to show off the silhouettes and varied textures.


Designer | Renee Nicole Sander, Cape Town, South Africa 
Location | Design Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa
Technical info | PVC sheets
Picture credits | Renee Nicole Sander